Friday, December 16, 2016

Regularly With Reverse

by Zakiyya_KZ

I stuck in there
Into sets that are becoming
Either the wind which brought me here
But also why I do not mind
She brought up here
Wrong me who do not hold this,
Even the wind takes me away into
Or anginlah wrong
That so easily bring
This self away, into there ...

It's easy for me if it's still the beginning
chat with friends, I tell you
Just like they ...
Get bigger in my dive into
I continue to enter
I was drowning

I dive into even inside, though crowded
My heart smiles even though it upset
Would melancholy I guess

They do not know,
They will never know
That there is melancholy in it
I'm dressing all with a happy smile
I also laugh that made
Let them do not know it

Until finally I'm powerless
I'm tired there
As if the earth is not one anymore
Divided by their boisterous merriment rowdy
Broken, shattered, messy,
As if the wind knows everything
Browse, invited me to come out

Let me succumb
Let me out
Slowly but surely, I walked away
Without this shakes my foot step backward
Backward regularly
sincere, without please reply

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