Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sacrifice of Love

Sacrifice of Love

I never regret and I am willing to recognize when you forget me
For a long time I lived with a lot of love, but it was nothing compared to you shortly
Although it's difficult to understand it, but for some reason I am happy because of you
You should not cry because of me, just me who was crying because of you and I weep not for me but for us

Even for a moment with you it is enough to be personal memories
Love of artificially made me even more scared to have you, probably because in your heart too much love
I myself never know who actually love it
My beautiful nuances are often erratic, it's because you've never expressed love perfectly, when
it's just an illusion to me, why do you always express words of love every day
With what I have to prove that I love you all my heart, how I should demonstrate that
I love you wholeheartedly

Millions dream has now been fused together with love, anganku fly to keangkasa. Maybe because I
also wrong, not push your love for me. But I realized that every effect there is a result, hopefully
one day you find your true love is able to make you happier

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