Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dream stormed Relentless

By Dian Tanti

Called me in silence
Storming not crashing
Remembering the implicit message in mind shackled
Dreaming will be a wonderful day without restless

Storming dream endlessly
With my embroidery circle circular in dreams
The choice will be one destination
Wail swept unable desire

But small flakes echoed in the memory
That all will be lost without any encouragement
Could it be that the flowers will bloom without roots

Not because the fertilizer is also good when they open crown
But with a strong foundation
Wall will stand firm despite the blown storm
My dream relentless assault

With the foundation that no longer balanced
What power is only a pair of outstretched hands
dragging the fore
Enough has less weight to compete

But many balls to win
Demi stormed dream
To go days without restless

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