Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Still Can Laugh

By Laisa Ismaryani

Looks a little boy standing on the sidewalk ..
Bring a newspaper to be sold ..
Not only that many others were different ways to make money ..
There are ngamen, there are scrounge some are selling goods ..
They work in unison when the red light trespass ..

When the rain comes ..
They keep working while they are cold ..
When the weather is hot ..
They still keep the spirit of making money ..

When he is tired, they sleep on the side of the road ..
When hungry they were eating at a roadside ..
Annihilate the time on the street ..
Therefore he could do ..

Although they do not like other children ..
Who spend time at school and play ..
But he is not desperate to keep learning ..
Although at work and took time to learn ..

Her smile radiated in each they greet people around him ..
Laughing happily joking when they are working with their peers ..
Not even the slightest burden yes thank ..
Despite spending time just to work to earn money ...

I hope nobody reproached him ..
I hope nobody insults at him ..
I hope no one was hurt her ..
Therefore he also remains our brother ..

Help them ..
Make happy those ..
Give them a smile ..
Because they need us ..

We too happy when he is happy ...
We, too sad when he cries ..
We also injured when he was hurt ..
Because we both have a heart ..

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