Friday, February 10, 2017



I myself become a ghost difficult circular glazed
Roses you my view of the sad beauty of your perfect
Your thorn is affectionate heart drug soul
Your scent is a remedy against thirst tone havoc in my life

You radiate beauty as celestial nymphs
Your red hypnotic grief escorted to the door happy
Before you chapped red
I was very nervous, my fears do not you present to the world

But I know my rose
You must pass a difficult process yourself
Before you a red
You've been through a long meditation without feeling bored and learn more silent

You wait about beauty
You're hiding refrain from any sightly
While you sharpen thorn void
Until it was time to get out and you share the goodness

My roses you're the healer all my smarting
You're the one who rose eternal part of my life
You love the tone for the pioneering nature
The instructions in kalaku trsesat an embankment deepest ...

Thank roses .....

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