Sunday, December 11, 2016

Miss The Full Understanding

By The Archer

Through the night wind in the early evening
After nightfall gradually became dark
I wanted to say hello miss me
Before the eyes of this tired sleep

And in the third of the night deserted
I call your name in the temple every prayer
Although the sport is not in your side
To be yourself calm, when my heart is so longing

Everything wrong words or actions
During this time when there who would not deign
I beg you, beg forgiveness from you
Because I do not want you hurt because of me

I do not want anyone to get hurt among us
Just because things simple
I really do not want to tear yourself menitihkan
Because of my selfishness if you think that there

Never unthinkable to leave
I know, when Love is grace Noble
Not appropriate that we treat indulgence
Especially against you, women who have been the beloved

No need to worry again will my news here
If you give me a handful of homes
Then I will reply with exorbitant miss
Comfortable, as he makes no more melancholy

I want us to stick to our story
Until death separates us both later
Believe me, for your confidence to me
Fully will reinforce this love thee

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