Friday, March 31, 2017

Poetry Morning And Sunset


At sunrise ...
I felt the cool air fragrant. In my time throwing shadows breath ... I remember your face in mind.
Somehow all this goes away.
I'm confused, why must face what comes to mind.?
Change during the morning.
Lunch afternoon changed.
My time has come for the twilight. And you came.
You come to bring memories that have long been drowned ...
I was thinking ...
Doing well I remember you ...
Yes, you...
my heart says another ...
Hearts can not be deceived.
Even if you like it.
But why do I still dear ... Maybe I'm stupid.
Stupid because of love.
My eyes are too blind, blind because of you ... you are the only woman that could divert my world.
But at that moment ...
you came to me.
Then go was granted.
You like morning and evening.
That came and went just like that. But ... you ... always the impression to me.
Although the impression, the impression of bitter.
But to be honest I still love you, until today.
Although maybe you do not ..

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