Saturday, December 3, 2016

You do not Destroy this Nation

By Laisa Ismaryani

Destroyed ... destroyed..destroyed..lah this nation ..
Because human nature is increased vile ...
Because justice that never existed .. which blinds all of her ..

Lo and behold they were having fun is still seen smiling even though he was the corruption of public money ..
Without the slightest pity on the people do not have ....
Unaware of whether they are lower among the poor ...

Smart brain, which is always considered right and good ..
My clothes neatly dressed in a shirt and tie ...
Her reality you cover up your crime itself takes people's money never stop ..

You realize there are still many people who suffer from a life of gloom ...
But they are better than you .. Who never menyusah the people ..

Luxury cars abundant wealth for what? .. "If its purchased using public money" ...

The world did not realize you guys justice might be a little easier to nego-negotiable because there is no money behind it ..
But still there is an afterlife that his justice is so fair, Takan able to in sheer bribe ..
Because hell is worthy feasible for you ..

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