Saturday, January 28, 2017

Memories of My Life


I've dreamed about how wonderful to forget
From the smallest things to the hardest things to my travel
This step is getting staggered over time
As if this leg as tuk reluctant to step in again
Supposing can scream and feel may have been loose the tears
As well as this self ....

Pobud your shadow appears in this daydream
You smell wafted pobud when breath blows
Wonderful memories with you pobud occurred when I started to forget
This homesick seemed to dominate the body and mind
Somehow you so hard for me to forget
Wherever white paper like you write all the ups and downs story
Often you fly me to your beauty seduction that
Why do I often you drop into the gorge until I feel the wound
Again and again it happens ... you come change everything annoyed me
The happy moment was enveloped all the anger and hate me
Sometimes crossed for forgetting, perhaps it can be ... almost
And why did you come back when I started comfortably with the others?
Why do you present when I started to open my heart to others?
But why do you also go with you, when I began to believe
Began to feel present you again ,, feel your concern anymore ..
And now I still believe someday you will be back close to me
Laugh with me again, hold my hand again, staring at my eyes again spoiled

Now I know .. you own ..I also own ..
Pobud I pray the best for us later ...

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