Sunday, January 22, 2017


by Teri Dorsey

I cant remember the last time my eyes were opened kissing you
Our two souls peek through a mask looking for a clue
Your body is a map that leads me to the promised land
Together and alone I have trudged through the sinking sand
I cant remember the last time I was aroused by your smell
My animal spirit hides licking its wounds waiting till all is well
Your voice is a fragrance others cant resist and adore
Im back to the streets to survive dressed up like a whore
I cant remember the last time I breathed when you are around
Tattooed fear reminds me not to speak or make a sound
Your mind made friends with deceit who visits from time to time
She tries hard to convince us that Im only worth a dime
I cant remember the last time I smiled without covering my face
My beauty was traded for many dreams you tried to chase
Your energy thrust deep into me creating memories until I die
Please excuse me while I take a moment to cry

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