Sunday, January 1, 2017

Saturated I Wish

By Miki Rahmat

I have begged you
To remain always together
But you did not heed
You choose to stop know me
Stay away is a decision that you select

Saturated I hope
To you who no longer care
Its easy to come and go
The reason you can not accept me
Although you always dismissed

What is wrong with me?
Why feel always not linking to them
While I wanted, never
Could this be the law of manners in the past?
Or am I too hope?

My dream has vanished
When he wants to paint my happiness on every catwalk
But the Big Dipper that I will paddle fragile
Become meaningless froth
I'm already friends with itself

Now you just be an illusion
Hadirmu only shadows of cyberspace
I guess there is no real
In addition to your words ever spoken
Always remember that the

If my back turn round
Looking at the past is still present
in memory
With accusations:
I am disappointed that inscribe your heart

But I have stopped hoping
I had gone to saturation fruition
My eyes no longer look at you
Eclipsed by the shadow beside you
Peeve: as my promise that has been broken

You'll never understand
Because you always rebuttal papyrus
Is a manifestation of the attitude apatismu
Only you are the most correct
Argument is always excluded
Because your logic has to die to receive

Saturated I hope
Hoping to always be heard
In vain: As if I had never really once

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