Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sons of Oz

Sons of Oz
by Teri Dorsey

Mother Witch fed her three sons potions
mixed with prayers and herbs that were
collected from the forest of her childhood in Oz

Her son Scarecrow hung for all to see
Mother witches pride turned into crows that picked his brain away
Oz is where Scarecrow lives to follow Dorothy down the yellow brick road
There is no spell in Mother witches book to give scarecrow back his brain

Her son Tin-man was frozen in time
His special talent was taken by Mother witches hope that crushed his heart
Oz is where Tin-man escaped from by following the munch-kin truth
There is no spell in Mother witches book that can give Tin-man back his heart

Her son Lion is hiding in the forest of Oz
Mother witches wisdom became a tornado that scared him to run in fear
Oz is where Lion holds onto his beautiful tail because it is real and he thinks his roar is invisible
There is no spell in Mother witches book that can give lion back his courage

Mother witch melted away by her tears flowing down her face and over her body
leaving only her bones to remind her sons what her sin had taken from them
Mother witches prayers watched over her sons to give them the power to be healed and restored back what they lost

Sons of Oz Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Little Kipli

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