Friday, March 3, 2017



The place overgrown with its large trees
The place overgrown with its shady trees
The place overgrown with its wide variety of trees and plants
That forest
Have many sources of life
River, water, oxygen, air
It has very many natural resources
You are the source of human life
You became a source of human wealth
However, what humans do?
They cut down trees carelessly without growing it
They set fire to the land of trees without thinking about how to live without oxygen
They hunt all the animals in the forest without permission
When you reply to their deeds
When the trees are no longer able to hold back the water with their roots and cause landslides
When the air is getting warmer due to reduced tree
When floods occur due to no more trees
They realized kesalahaanya
They had regretted his actions
But, alas it was too late.

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