Sunday, December 18, 2016

A State Image

By Andi Rahmat Erland

The image of a country
free of corruption
prosperous citizens
I'd rather not we mengagung - extolling
Sovereign in the political field
Self-reliance in the economic field
Personality in the field of culture
Kala hostile ruling elite for power
Until papa ask stocks appear on the surface
Corruption destroys the economic construction
Until people tossed - udder in relentless poverty
Foreign culture entrenched
Clothes are no longer measurable inch two-inch
Politeness under-emphasized
Until the robber - the robber appeared on the streets
We are indeed living in the image
Until not know how we live another century
The image search
Bring him in my arms
Until I'll share price
At the time he was oppressed
..... ..... Images images images .....
The state being image

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