Saturday, December 17, 2016

Love Mom For Her Son

Love Mom For Her Son

Humming the love that will never be replaced
You take care of me until today
indeed countless sacrifices

You really strong mother ...
You contain me for 9 months
Time was short
And you still have to struggle
Risking your life when I was born
I really would not be able to reply
All the sacrifice that the mother ...

Not quite up here
You always awake every night
Look after all your heart
Breastfeeding me with love
Always be patient as I continued to cry in the silence of the night
With patience you taught me,
Educate with love
Until I was an adult ...

I'm sorry mother...
Until now I have not been able to make you happy
Although I realize
Sacrifice will never be replaced
Forgive your son ...
If too many errors that I do
Who sometimes speak harshly
Not obey yours
Up to make you weep

Your love is truly great
Sincerely your love of all time
Righteousness that will never be replaced
I promise mom ...
I will not let the tears fall down my fault

Tears of happiness there
I am sure...
One day I was able to make you happy
Because I love you mom ...
Love you all my life
Until the end of my closing eyes

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