Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Painted The Smile

I Painted The Smile
By Dian safira goddess

In the footsteps unravel your blessing
In both my feet grounded love
In every dream embrace your prayers

Chestnut my steps to your happiness
With love wish I painted a smile on your lips
Although sometimes
Rage,, my ego
Make a chest wound
But you never hesitate to forgive
Pobud you pray will be my happiness

I stepped into your blessing
In the dream my love
In my prayers fight
Wishful thinking to paint a smile on the lips prove it
I'm gonna make you proud
Struggle is not only up to here
I kept chasing dreams
Despite the fall I continue to get up again
Although staggered For my run but kept trying to self
Despite the pain and at the moment but I'm sure is lovely someday
My happiness happiness to your mother
Thank you for the love, blessing and prayer
All full accompaniment struggle

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