Friday, January 6, 2017

Waiting For You Back

By Slot Script

So what else can I remembered you?
In addition to moments of tenderness and loveliest with you first?
Where the jokes become a sweet memory in the memory
When alone, it becomes a drug hearts longing

Indeed, you've become a part of my life
And has become the mouth of love and dear
But that was then, now is quite different
We both could not repeat it all

Will the Lord brought us together again?
In shades of romance love more sincere and height?
Although we've no longer able to sit together
But often I call your name in every prayer

I call your name in my prayers every stanzas
Wish you could find a better man than me
And better understand any desire

I know,..
Now it is so impossible it seems
Back both carve romance
Because, among us there are hurt
Receive regret and disappointment without ceasing

That's me, dear, ..
I did you hurt
I ever hug you tight
And once you love sincerely as Tua Goliath
However, deep in the recesses of my soul
Still hope someday you back

I also confused, ..
Now miss you so much
When I can no longer be looked at your face
And hold your hand as it used
Did you forget about me, my dear?

I'm here so weak
Hit by a tempest lonely and restless
Moody, only capable of picturing
In the bleak memories of longing dimension.

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