Thursday, January 5, 2017

Trial And Error

By Nana Sutiadin

This relationship is not a technology
Which can be tested for feasibility
In check through a process of trial-and-one
Failed then waste
End granted

This relationship can be like technology
Exercised, tried-and-one
Elate then correct
Thus was born the products satisfying the expectations
smash hit

But this relationship is not possible as the technology
Because there is no heart among
Sincere heart that has harmony
Which surrounding air
will blow away those sweet aroma

There is a belief that pulsed in it
No bloody affection flowing
No loyalty hung on the walls
There is a pink veins full of romance

Heart that always want to receive a greeting of love
Heart that always wants to receive words of thanks
Heart that always want to receive apology
Heart that always want to receive longing

Uh, this is definitely a woman's heart ...

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