Wednesday, December 14, 2016


by Ali

The eyes are glazed ...
Beating heart-beat erratically
That exposure jarring taste in my heart
Wherever that accompany me apart from you

This time is a time when torturing
Torturing you and me
The time was slow spin
Rotating tuk runs through the day that we are going through right
a time when we are not together anymore

Now all just a memory,
Wherever the wonderful memories we've been through
Canda-laughter, sadness, upset, worried and fear inseparable
That's the feeling that struggled with our hearts during this and
Wherever the fear is now becoming a reality.
I understand you're so sick today
Separate and lonely imprisoned there
But know you .....
This self is much more painful experience all of this

I was confused and did not know what to do
Many things I say and I can not explain
Many things you do not understand intentions and all this
Forgive ... try tuk understand and grasp
Take wisdom from all these
Keep vengeance and hatred, I beg you ...
Confident and believe me it's all there his wisdom

Know my love,
I will not forget and will never be
about what should separate us
All this is eternal separation
True love does not need to have

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