Friday, December 30, 2016

Stroke of a Pen Now

Stroke of a Pen Now
By Aris Imam Sugianto

When the pen is scraped Dream
Creating stories in the history of life
Carve yourself through word of immortality
Removing all depressed in a vacuum

Soul struggling in pain in a fantasy
Rebellious imagination as if to be born
Your ideas full but empty because of selfishness
Not you, still silent without certainty

O Writers Generation era,
Chant any thoughts that fly in a work
Do not smash and went without a word memories
Waged zeal in carving a meaningful writing
Make yourself a gem in a literary arts

Do not you wonder why?
Quite simply you know how ...
Spirit, spirit, spirit, do you ignore ...
Hurry scratched Pena Now, there is no word to wait ..
God must love the way you ...

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