Sunday, February 19, 2017

Good Night


My bone pierced the chill of nature ..
Accompanied by the river gurgling voice chanting nocturnal animals ..
The stars looked glowing ..
Which together make up in the sky, a black cloud Fade ..
Judging from the images floating images in the mind ..
Here I lean on a stone river rock ..
While considering remember your face is so beautiful ..
Sometimes, these lips could not hold back a smile ..
But when I realized that you're gone ..
My heart is fragile, torn torn sadness ..
My eyes could not hold back tears of longing for you ..

I remember when you wave your hand waving ..
I actually remember my name when you call-time at the end of your life ..
Although by holding a million pain menggrogoti yourself ..
You still had just given sepoles smile on your lips ..
But sorry, I could not reply to your smile ..
I can only cry..
I could only clasp your hands are already cold ..

However, I believe if there, you still love me ..
And, believe me, I'm here longing to meet you there ..
Heavens, the last place we are to be together ..

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