Monday, January 30, 2017

Beautiful Rainbow Heroes


On a sunny morning I stood
Calling to mind will be present teachers
Has now gone on my beautiful rainbow hero
Up against the lonely hearts ache

Teacher ... forgive these ignorant children
I'm sorry that often err
Very often makes you angry
But ... all that you're the reflected with smile
You create this stupid kid in awe of you

Day after day has passed
No word uttered from your lips weary
In fact, your spirit continued to flare
Covering a large ocean
You sprinkle for the nation

Teacher .... thank you for your dedication
You have made clear my mind
You create a rainbow of colors across my mind
If it had only black
Until create dark thoughts and drowned

Pure, sincere, and heartfelt gift
Until I am unable to respond to your services
However .... my name carved in my heart right
As the biggest award of my life

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