Monday, December 12, 2016

Love Knitting In Sin

By Reea Quya

Do you have anyone have
So do I…
He's been there in my life
But I'm still not able to ward off this
My love to you my friend

I realize I have sinned love
I have been guilty miss you
But what my powers ...
The liver can not deny me

The more I try to forget
The more I remember
The more I tried to hate you
The more I miss you
The more I deny my feelings
Getting ripped my heart
I agonized live like this
Knitting love in sin

Want me angry ...
Want me cry ...
I want to scream ...
Want me to scorn myself ...
But I do not want anyone to know
If in fact I have the unfortunate man dumb
What I can not have people who are very I love
Obsessed by his first love
And must live in regret endless

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