Monday, December 12, 2016

This From Me To You

By Alek Revelation Nurbista Lukmana

The cat devoured the repast
Rain and storms are friends
On the Tuesday, I slipped
You laugh and we sink

coconut falling
You pout and I Murmuring
we squirm
In sapa you say love
Oh, I am merely a creation
I replied.

You crave and cry
Without eating and drinking, you wait
Come out, enjoy the beauty of this
Not me nor them
But this, overlays that have been provided
Lush earthy
Twigs trampled
leaves falling
However, there will be a substitute

Mountains solid
The foundation of the earth's gravity
Open your eyes and feel it
The air that you breathe
Per second without stopping!

Do not spoiled
Moreover bermanja me
I am a nobody
That is within me are on loan
I'll be back later, not you
I will be back to face the Creator

"And what can you do?"

Remember this
"If you really loved me and wanted to have me. So, love the Creator first, because without his permission from you and I will never meet."

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