Monday, March 20, 2017

Poetry Not as Beautiful as The Rainbow

Not as Beautiful as The Rainbow

Crossing the street wet this afternoon.
I do not envy ensure careful with the rainbow.
Sparkle color, spoil each eye glances.
Ah, I'm just the girl worn by melancholy story.
Feels embarrassed in front of the beautiful wiggle it.

Spoken word, I would not be as beautiful as a rainbow.
Irradiate happiness, and curb my taste.
Rainbow love twilight.
Due to the presence of always coupled with dusk.

I even made powerless by the charm of the rainbow.
Dusk was willing to accompany the rainbow, from the appearance of red to purple.
I even alone.
Noting and inhabit longing for someone who also loves a rainbow.

I let someone there praised him. I, too, would be an admirer of the rainbow.
Because then, the way his eyes were also being memadangi rainbow.

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