Sunday, January 1, 2017

Are Not You Realize

By Miki Rahmat

You're the wave of emotion
Behind melancholy that is not barred
Made me rely only on memories
No doubt cornering
but break

Sometimes I wanted to run from reality
Kill the flavor that made me hopeless
But you can not, indeed could not
Righteousness is when RASA torture
Although not visible wound or scar, but it hurts

Fun is not it?
When he was a person who never realized
Just enjoy the laughter behind the suffering people
Just enjoy the happy reversed miserable people
Just be lovers the sacrifice of the people

Yes, That's what you do not realize
The never you understand
That you understand the viewpoint wrong
Holding hands made me mightily
Then banged it again repeatedly

I'm too tired
Ku empowerment increasingly decaying
Until when shall I lead
Until when did you become blind
Maybe when I stop, you're understood

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