Saturday, February 4, 2017

Little Girl Sinner


Silence of the night helped with drizzle
At that time a little girl was crying
He sat while lamenting the painful hearts
Which has been left lying betrayed ...

Days passed moon was slowly changing ...
Dihati wound slowly away without permission ...

He returned to find true love
That can treat liver scratch wounds
Pleasure taste like without realizing
Love that comes as a volcanic crater in the ...

The little girl's heart happy flowering
Prince when his love to say the pledge of allegiance
Rainbow star studded night made
When his little girl hugging her prince ...

The night wind hit frangipani flowers fall
Fragrant fragrance wafted away from the end of the grave
On the night was bitter tragedy should recur
Moan sigh sounded little girl's body was enjoyed ...

Whimpering sobs hold the wound in the heart
The promise that he found stabbed a pain
Now she realized her love only in the puz
Love does not hold onto lust are included ..

With his resignation he was in pain
Body which enjoyed no power to wriggle
Tears were tears washed down her cheeks
Without realizing what would happen to him ..

After that day his heart more anxious
Prasaan disappointed her body was limp
Silent night nightmare continues to haunt
The prince went without telling ...

Love comes regardless of the victim ..
Festering wounded heart was accidentally became the target ..

Moans heartrending cries are no longer restrained
Disappointment pain he get
Dark inner blinded eyes and minds
He also decided to put an end to the suffering .. !!

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