Thursday, January 12, 2017

You December

By Andi Ulfiani Safitri

Since the departure of the word that you do not start saying goodbye began at all to do with the state.
Currently there is no other more fun things I'd call a part of you.
Everything seemed off, leaving each other.
To the extent that any taking are endless questionable.
Well, off you go.
There may still be a little sore that can be cured by anyone other than you.
You are what I call the departure,
You also what I call the fragility and one of the most painful in my silence.
You go.
Really gone.
Every now and then back to nature is still the same.
You know, that would still be the same December will still have seven dates
As the year - the year of our togetherness.
Thank you for your return occasional.

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